Vespa Unidos – Santa Claus Parade
Vespa Unidos – Santa Claus Parade

Vespa Unidos – Santa Claus Parade

12 / 2017

In this project a video was developed for the Vespa Unidos club of the annual “Pais Natal” event in the city of Leiria where members of the club dress in Santa Claus and parade through the streets of the city.

All content was filmed during the day of December 23, 2017 in the middle of the city of Leiria, Portugal, published the same night, and shared the next day to be available on Christmas Eve on social networks (and now also on the site) from the club to all followers.

The video was shot with 3 POV: “normal”, Drone and FPV (GoPro) and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The DSLR (“normal” POV) and drone were operated by members of the amplified creations, while GoPro was delivered to one of the members of the club who would participate in the tour, so as to have a view “in the crowd” of the event.

Also see the website we developed for the club Vespa Unidos here.





Apple Macbook Pro, Nikon D7500, DJI Mavic Pro, GoPro Hero 6 Black


Leiria, Portugal
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