Strasbourg (Gemstone_City)
Strasbourg (Gemstone_City)
Desktop Mobile Video Hosting

Strasbourg (Gemstone_City)

Desktop Mobile Video Hosting
05 / 2017

A mobile application with an innovative geolocation (outdoor and indoor) system was created for the visitors to the city of Strasbourg, France, for a more interactive visit.

The mobile app (available for iOS and Android) makes use of advanced technologies to make possible the guidance of a user on the street and also indoors. For that purpose, a system was created from scratch to make that happen for the user with as little complications as possible.

In the app it is possible to view all the points of interest of the city of Strasbourg in a list or laid out on a map. It’s also possible to see more information about each point (a text, an image gallery, accessibilities and buying tickets online). Besides that, it’s also possible to the user to control if he/she receives notifications when he approaches a point and choose one of the available languages.

The app connect to the city’s Facebook in order to get the most recent posts and display them to the user in a simple and intuitive manner.

Besides the app, and to make the content always updated in real-time, a CMS (content management system) was developed to that any updates to the app’s information can be made simple and via web.



Office du tourisme de Strasbourg


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