Efeito de Marca de Empregado®
Efeito de Marca de Empregado®
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Efeito de Marca de Empregado®

Desktop Branding Photography Video Hosting
03 / 2017

The Efeito de Marca de Empregado® is a process that seeks to know the dynamics between People and the Organization, diagnosing the perceptions of the interpersonal relationships that employees promote in their organization.

The good or bad emotions that the collaborators convey produce effects that determine the image of your organization. It is possible to do different and better when you know the network of interpersonal relationships of each team.

Efeito de Marca de Empregado® will provide you with a quick and intuitive diagnosis that measures the impact of your bosses and employees on the results of the organization.

Through Efeito de Marca de Empregado® you can act and influence results.



For this project the website was developed, as well as the entire content management system (CRM) that manages the entire site, including the answers given in the DEMO and the analysis done for the presentation of results.

The site (frontoffice) was developed in HTML, SASS & CoffeeScript.

The backoffice is PHP with database in SQLite.

In addition to the site, the entire “design language” of the brand (color palette, logo, lettering, etc) was also developed.


Efeito de Marca de Empregado


html, sass, coffeescript, php, sqlite, illustrator, photoshop, premiere


Apple Macbook Pro, Nikon D3100, Nikkor 18-105mm, Wacom Bamboo Pen


Color palette

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