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Desktop Mobile Branding Photography Hosting
10 / 2015

Caviiar is a web and mobile application that aims to promote touristically all property related to restoration in the country.

This system allows each establishment has its own page indexed not only in the caviiar system but also in the major search engines in order to give as much visibility as possible for each establishment included in the system.

That way, and giving maximum visibility to each establishment, was created caviiar for a need to seek establishments in the restoration business not only by name and location, but also the dishes on their menu, drinks, or even the services available in each establishment.

The site was created from scratch in HTML5, SASS (CSS3) and Coffeescript (JS) for frontend and PHP and MySQL for the backend. The applications were created in Swift for iOS, C# for Windows Phone and Java for android.


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html, sass, coffeescript, php, mysql, illustrator, photoshop

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